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Stateline Deli
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Open weekdays 6-5:00 pm
Saturdays 7 -3 pm
& Sundays 9-3 
Chef's Specials April 27
 Buy any 3 
   get one         FREE

 New Gluten Free Items Now Available!!!!!! 

 Sandwich Options:​  GF Wrap  -  GF Wrap-  
 GF Whole Wheat Bread

 Dessert Options: Chocolate or Rice Pudding $2.50
                             Fudge Cake  $2.50

 Turkey Burger Patty Melt
  with turkey bacon, carmelized onions,
melted white american chese
and chipotle honey mustard
  on golden grilled rye $8.25

Italian Herbed Egg White Omelet
with prosciutto, Fresh Mozzarella,
grape tomatos and mesclun greens
  Plate or Wrap  $8.95

Italian Ham and Cheese Sandwich
shaved prosciutto, cappicola,
provolone cheese, spinach, 
hot cherry peppers, creamy italian 
on Roll $8.25   Wedge $9.50

Today’s Soups
Black Bean with Bacon
Chicken Vegetable
16oz $4.95    2 for $8.95

Dessert Specials - slice $2.95
  NY Cheesecake    Chocolate Mouse Cake
Oreo Cake

Side Specials - 8 oz 
3 bean with lime agave dressing $3.95