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Classic Deli Cold Sandwiches
All of our sandwiches are made to order with fresh sliced premium meats and cheeses, and our deli salads are made fresh daily using Hellman's mayo.   We prepare them on your choice of fresh kaiser roll, sliced bread  --white, rye or whole wheat --
Wedge or wrap add $2.00.

Egg Salad LT                       $5.95
Farm Fresh Egg Salad with lettuce, tomato.

Chicken Salad  LT           $6.95​All white meat chicken salad with lettuce, tomato.

Tuna Salad LT                     $6.95
​Premium tuna salad with lettuce, tomato.

Fresh Turkey Salad  LT $7.95  Our own fresh roasted turkey tossed with mayo and celery served with lettuce, tomato.

Ham & Cheese                   $6.95 Boiled  ham, american cheese with lettuce, tomato, mayo.

The Fresh Turkey Gobbler       $9.95
With lettuce, Swiss, cranberry sauce, mayo.
 All white meat              $10.95
Stateline Specialty Wraps
Stuffed Veggie $8.95
Mixed greens, cucumbers,  tomatoes,  red onions,  roasted red peppers, provolone, avocado/mayo.
    add grilled chicken $2.00

Buffalo Chicken          $8.95
Chicken cutlet smothered in hot buffalo sauce. Topped with carrots, celery, creamy blue cheese dressing.

Grilled Chicken Caesar   $8.95
Grilled marinated chicken, romaine lettuce, and fresh made croutons. Topped with our Caesar dressing & grated italian cheese.

Spring Chicken                $8.95
Salad Wrap
All white meat grilled chicken with cranraisins, walnuts and diced apples, with lettuce and tomato.

Fiesta Fajita                          $8.95
Diced grilled chicken,
 sautéed onions, bell peppers and three cheese melt, with sour cream and salsa in a grilled tortilla.    
 substitute steak for + $2.00

Favorite Cold Combo  Sandwiches
The Classic Italiano        $7.95
Cappicola ham, Genoa salami, Pepporoni and Provolone with lettuce, tomato, Red roasted OR Hot cherry peppers, italian  balsamic vinaigrette.

The Classic Combo    $7.95
Smoked turkey, baked ham, lettuce,  Swiss, honey mustard.  An old favorite!
Turkey Cheese               $6.95
Sliced Ovengold turkey, american cheese with lettuce, tomato, mayo. 

Bologna Cheese               $5.95
All beef bologna with american cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo.
Corned Beef Cheese        $7.95
First Cut prime, with Swiss, lettuce,
our own fresh russian dressing.
Salami Cheese               $6.95
Genoa Salami, Provolone Cheese,
lettuce, tomato, mayo.
Fresh Roasted Beef        $7.95
Cooked in our ovens daily with lettuce, tomato, mayo.

Baked Ham Cheese          $7.95
Virgina Maple Glazed Ham with Swiss, lettuce, deli mustard.
Smoked Turkey Cheese  $6.95
with muenster,  lettuce, tomato, may0
The Advocate                       $8.95
Smoked turkey, avocado, lettuce,  tomato, blue cheese dressing.  add bacon for $1.00
Chicken Salad Avocado  $8.95
Fresh white meat chicken salad, lettuce, tomato, avocado, mayo/add bacon  $2.00
Pastrami Mavin                 $8.95
First cut pastrami, muenster cheese, cole slaw,  spicy mustard.

The Turkey Italiano                $7.95
Deli turkey, Genoa Salami, Provolone,
lettuce, hot peppers, creamy italian
Roast Beef Lucky Seven  $8.95
Roast beef, cooked fresh in our ovens daily. Swiss, lettuce, tomato, and horseradish mayo.

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Fresh Roasted Turkey Sandwiches
served on Roll, white, rye, whole wheat bread   --   wrap or wedge $2.00 extra.
The Fresh Turkey Stuffer           $9.95
With stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce.
All white meat    $10.95

The Fresh Turkey BLT                    $10.95
With lettuce, tomato, mayo, bacon on toast.
 All white meat      $11.95

The Classic Fresh Turkey Sandwich   $8.95
With lettuce, tomato, mayo.      
All white meat     $9.95
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Deli Turkey BLT                      $8.95      
with premium boars head turkey and bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo.